For the first time in 2019, we developed a new line of disciplines, picked a few handfuls of one-man wolfpacks, removed the teams from the equation, and we saw that it was good! 

You all agreed, so we’re bringing it back – only better, harder, wilder and louder.

We’re keeping some of the best elements from the FACEOFF x Crew competition, mixing a bunch of new, cool stuff in, and delivering a new version of the coolest gymnastics competition in the world.

You’ve seen what it looks like, when you flood an arena with bass, fire and a roaring crowd, and you’ve seen some of the most insane teams of athletes compete for the trophy… But have you seen what it looks like, if we really push the individual to the limit? 

A mano-a-mano competition allows for a completely different competition than you get, when the athletes are enrolled in 8-man teams. You get the FACEOFF vibe, you get the bass, the roar, the fire

And this year you get so much more.

We’re spending every last dime going above and beyond what you expect, giving you the perfect combination of show, party, hardcore tumbling and creativity, all jumbled together in an insane mix, you will definitely want to experience.

Nobody is getting any spoilers, but we are warning you: Individuals 2020 is going to be absolutely insane. We’re upgrading.

We’ll see you there

FACEOFF x Individuals