4 teams

1 winner

THOUSANDS of people

One afternoon

And one of the coolest damn events you will ever see!

FACEOFF x Crew is what happens when you mix that amazing party you once went to with elite tumblers, heat blasts from the fire cannons, the roar of a tightly packed arena, thundering bass and your best friends. We are SO proud to announce to you that we are, yet again, opening the doors and we are upgrading again.

Every year we try to shave away the unnecessary, add something extra cool, and create the best gymnastics competition in the world. With your help, we’ve kept going, kept evolving and kept getting better. That’s why we are confident….

You will want to see this. I promise you. 

The original competition, the fated showdown between the best athletes from Scandinavia and beyond is back. Tickets are flying off the shelves, the DJ is fistpumping, the athletes are already sweating adrenaline and we, the guys behind FACEOFF, can’t wait to slam open the doors to the arena.

We can’t wait – neither should you

Get your tickets [Here]