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“When you stick that landing, you have pushed the limits of what was thought possible.

When you stick that landing, you have shown the world that it is possible.

When you stick that landing, you have inspired the world to do the impossible.”

It’s all right to buy a present for yourself. You deserve it.

And if you’re going to treat yourself, why not do it with a 200-page visual bible of the most motivating, awesome photographs (probably) ever taken. 


All jokes aside – we put a lot of effort and ❤️ into making the best possible visual representation of what FACEOFF is. We can’t give you the heat blast from the fires, the sound of the roaring of the crowd, or the tension when a soaring quad-out lands… But we can give you the next best thing, and that is 200 pages of beautiful photos of the spirit of FACEOFF. 

In FACEOFF x The Book the three photographers Tobias Kobborg, Jacob Almtoft and Oliver Bay takes you behind the scenes of FACEOFF 2019.
Buy The Book to visit or revisit the awesome atmospheres and vibes from FACEOFF 2019.

Or buy it if you need the worlds coolest doorstopper.

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