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The story of FACEOFF

From the birth of an idea to a maxed-out, roaring arena. Check out where we started, see how far we’ve come – and stay tuned to see where we’re going!

  • 2013



    In 2013, after their return from a world tour with the National Danish Performance Team, a group of guys debated why gymnastics weren’t perceived as cool, even though they obviously were awesome. After many beers and discussions, the FACEOFF concept was born and development began.

  • 2014

    Pilot Programme

    A year later the first pilot project was launched in SG-huset in Svendborg, with an audience of 250 people and two teams.

    Even though it was very, very different from what the event is now, it felt like a celebration. The atmosphere was amazing, and the idea was proven.



  • 2015


    Here we go again!

    Running on volunteer work from the founders and their friends, FACEOFF was once more held in SG-Huset.

    This time featured uniforms, louder music and the first instances of pyrotechnics.

    And they saw that it was good!

  • 2017

    Movin’ on up!

    For the first time FACEOFF shifted to the summer season and was held at Forum Horsens.

    With an exponential growth in audience, the contest had now proven itself worthy of a greater arena



  • 2018


    Better, faster, stronger

    Again FACEOFF took over the Forum Horsens Arena – this time selling out tickets and featuring a livestream of the competition.

    Despite growing pains, another test was passed and the competition was ready to evolve once more.

  • 2019


    Introducing FACEOFF x Individuals and an increased focus on Livestream, graphics, camping grounds and a brand new Team Nordic, FACEOFF overcame its growing pains.

    Still every dime is spent on development, fire and professional settings.



  • 2020



    How knows where the wind will take us? Only one thing is certain


Who is behind the awesomeness?

The original crew behind FACEOFF is a creative group of gymnasts, performers, nerds and networkers, who are hell-bent on staying young forever. We want to mix sports, fun and professionalism, and we want to deliver the absolute best in event-based gymnastics in the world. Learn more about us below, and if you’re looking for our behind-the-scenes shenanigans, you can probably find a ton of it on our Instagram.

<center>Jesper Nøhr Bertelsen</center>

Jesper Nøhr Bertelsen

Mr FACEOFF // Chaos Pilot, CEO and Co-founder

The guy with the idea machine and a million projects. Residing in his castle in Svendborg with his girl and their boss, Ulrikke, he oversees every important aspect and decision within the FACEOFF company and competition.

<center>René Duus</center>

René Duus

Tarantino // DOP, Boss of FACEOFF Media House

Always awake and alert, the DOP takes care of of the visuals and the awesome videos. From his home in Skanderborg he records, filters and grades the world, with his wife, two kids and a huge contrabass named Elizabeth.

<center>Malthe Hahn</center>

Malthe Hahn

Dumbledore // MC, NGO-minister and SoMe-director

Former coach of Verdensholdet (NDPT), he and his broken knee live and teach together at Ollerup, close to the CEO and the beating heart of Danish gymnastics. A natural sprechstallmeister, he is the one who guides you through all the fire at FACEOFF.

<center>Mathias Bertelsen</center>

Mathias Bertelsen

D’Artagnan // Partners and Friends

Our own networking tycoon, Mathias resides in Copenhagen, keeping Nørrebro and the capital happy. He wears out 2 iPhones a month keeping our beloved partners happy, financing FACEOFF and getting the best gigs around.

<center>The Intern - Santa’s helper</center>

The Intern - Santa’s helper

The Nameless One, expertise infusion and problem crunching

From time to time FACEOFF temporarily adopts a new, awesome intern to supplement with whatever he/she is really good at. Writing, graphics, design, organization - whatever.
Do you know our next intern? Let us know!

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